Why you should hire an apprentice

Why you should hire an apprentice

Why you should hire an apprentice

Any time we talk with employers, the same question always seems to come up… “why should I hire an apprentice?

Companies who hesitate when making decisions about whether to hire an apprentice tend to get too hung up on the negatives that are wrongly associated with taking on a young apprentice or even an adult apprentice: costs, time off for study, extra supervision for them, bringing in specialists to look after their education, and on, and on…

But there’s a very positive alternative to that group of perceived negatives, and it begins with the core value of every business: training.  How often, as an employer, have you found yourself scouring the market for available experience to fill business critical roles?  Often, I’ll warrant, and on top of that the people you take on can sometimes be a bit of a let-down after the initial ‘love-in’ period where they give their all.

Hiring an apprentice, on the other hand, or setting out a long-term apprentice programme where your business plays the strategic game with an annual or bi-annual structured intake of apprentices, can pay dividends that taking a punt on the available skills on the jobs market can never guarantee.

You see, in a way that no other demographic of the population can match, youths are impressionable.  It is possible to train and educate a youth to buy into your company’s ethos, values, business ethics, and quality expectations that no other part of the population range can match.  When you take on an apprentice, you’re giving somebody at the start of their career an insight into the workplace – your particular workplace – and that becomes their ‘normal’.

You’ll have government funding to educate them to the standard that you are so desperately seeking from a very competitive jobs market, you’ll have an endlessly replenishing and available talent pool that you can go to regularly to pick out the very best, and you’ll find after a year or two that it’ll be paying dividends to your company’s fortunes through employee engagement and enthusiasm.

Each and every one of us had to take that first tentative step into the workplace, and each and every one of us was rightly proud of what we had achieved by doing so.  As an employer, and as a conscionable employee, handing that very same opportunity to the next generation is akin to passing on the perpetually burning Olympic Torch.

How to hire an apprentice

As always, here at apprentice.tv, we attempt to do the leg-work for you so that you can concentrate on other important matters.  By taking the time to visit our section on ‘how to hire an apprentice’, you’ll learn more about what funding is available to you, what levels of education you can expect your apprentices to achieve, and how to go about finding the most talented people out there to come and work for you.  As former apprentices, we can assure you that it’s most definitely worth the effort.