United Kingdom government apprenticeships

United Kingdom government apprenticeships

government apprenticeships

The UK government has a very big hand in the distribution of funding for apprenticeships throughout the four countries of the United Kingdom.  Many apprenticeships that you’ll find on the internet, and many of the ones we list here in our ‘Find Apprenticeships’ section, are part-funded by the government.

The direct link to that government resource can be found here:


However, there’s more to our government than just funding or part-funding apprenticeships for private companies.  You could actually land an apprenticeship working for them!

The main difficulty in finding apprenticeships working for the government is that there is no single place on the internet that lists them all.  The reason for that is because the hiring and firing of workers is reserved to your local council.  So the best place to start if you want an apprenticeship as an electrician, plumber, IT support worker, or administrator with the government is to start locally.

Find your local government website

As ever, apprentice.tv aims to make your life easier, so we’ve scoured the web to find the best resource for you to seek out the local government website for the area you live in.  And it’s right here:


From there, immediately go to the careers or vacancies section of your local authority website and either search through them or simply type ‘apprenticeship’ in the search box.  You’ll see that most – if not all – local authorities have an on-going hiring programme for apprentices, demonstrating their deep understanding of the importance of perpetually training the next generation.

Once you’ve identified what apprenticeship you’d like to apply for, it’s a simple matter of filling out and submitting an online application along with your cover letter and CV.  Firstly though, we’d encourage you to take the time to follow our guidance in our ‘How to apply for apprenticeships’ article.  In there, we’ve included a step-by-step guide to giving yourself the best chance to land the apprenticeship you actually want the first time you apply for it.

More government apprenticeships

Of course, for those with a sense of adventure, perhaps a career in the military would suit you.  The different facets of our armed forces all offer apprenticeships that provide highly specialised technical skills and the opportunity to engage with further education.  As ever, apprentice.tv has conveniently listed them for you right here:

British Army apprenticeships

Royal Navy apprenticeships

Royal Air Force apprenticeships

These apprenticeships are open to candidates from all corners of the United Kingdom, and can offer access to the most cutting edge technologies and methodologies in the world; some technologies so secret that they won’t even tell you about them until you start working for them!

Securing an apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence will not only change your career, it’ll change you.

We could go on, but the list of government organisations that seek to entice candidates young and old to commence an apprenticeship with them is vast, so keep updated with the latest news and information by signing up to our regular newsletters, bulletins, and blogs.