Media apprenticeships

The modern concept of media is vast.  Media apprenticeships in the United Kingdom cover a massive range of potentially high-paying jobs from social media platforms such as Twitter to television producers such as Sky TV, along the way taking in the roles of video games programmers, mobile app programmers, journalists, and an endless list of new positions that arise as social media inevitably advances globally.

Getting accepted as an apprentice in an exciting new role in media could be your route to success as your career options open up ahead of you, and could lead to opportunities that see a steady and onwards advancement of your education and skills.

Entry qualifications

There are a number of key abilities and qualifications that media companies seek from budding media apprentices.  Mathematics and English are pre-requisites, and a media related qualification will be desired, but don’t let that put you off applying for one of those positions if you think you haven’t met their expectations.

You see, a very well worded and well written covering letter can be the key to catching the attention of potential employers regardless of what route your schooling took.  Lean on your ability to manipulate and use social and video media, explain your abilities with Microsoft Office packages, and take the time to write about how you make excellent use of all aspects of computer packages.

If you don’t have much experience with putting together professional looking cover letters and CV’s, don’t worry, go straight to our CONTACT section and get in touch.  We have vast experience dealing with employers and potential employees, and can help in many ways.

Media apprenticeships explained

Depending upon which branch your media apprenticeship is associated with, you may find yourself learning to edit videos, or perhaps creating a slick website for customers who don’t have the skills to do so themselves, or even designing and creating those apps you download to your mobile phone every day!

You’ll be making use of computer technologies extensively, learning from experienced members of your team about what it takes to put together media packages that look professional, slick, work flawlessly, and deliver satisfaction to customers, whether that be companies or people.

Opportunities for growth in media

Take a look around you.  There are mobile phones, televisions, computers, adverts, and video games absolutely everywhere.  All of this falls under the umbrella of ‘media’.  Media creators are at the front line of the technological revolution, and are responsible for creating all those compelling and addictive things you see every day on television, Facebook, Twitter, and on your tablet.

And guess what?  With the right guidance from us, with the right time taken to browse through this site for all those tips you’ve been looking for, and with the perfect CV and cover letter, your creation could be the next viral trend.