IT Apprenticeships programs UK

IT Apprenticeships programs UK

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Growth in the Information Technology sector continues to provide the most exciting opportunities for people looking to secure an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom.

According to the most recent statistics, the coming decade will see Information Technology being the leading growth industry in the UK as demand for Web Designers, Software Developers, Logistics Controllers, and even Games Programmers rockets.

Multi-national tech companies are seeing a surge in business that is making it difficult for them to keep pace with rapidly growing demand, and when that happens it’s time for them to look to the future.

To you.

Securing an apprenticeship with a company that lives at the cutting edge of technology can be highly desirable to those with an aptitude for information technology and computer software in general, and the rewards of achieving this can be felt throughout the rest of your life as a structured career opens out before your eyes.

But what would it actually be like?  As an IT apprentice what would you be learning and what would your responsibilities be?  To understand what an IT apprenticeship in the United Kingdom can offer you, let’s look a little deeper into what some real companies are looking for, and let’s start with the biggest information technology industry player of all… IBM:

“When you join IBM as an apprentice it is not just about training and qualifications. We have your long-term professional career in mind, so from the day you join us you’ll be considered a permanent employee.”

Companies like IBM offer the most sought after IT apprenticeships in the UK and are competed for by school leavers and adults alike, but such an exciting apprenticeship can be tough to land without the proper guidance and preparation, and that’s where can step in to offer sound advice and experienced views on landing one of these prestigious advanced apprenticeships.

Having one of the big industry players on your CV is something that can never be taken away from you and will stand you in good stead for the rest of your days, so the first matter of importance when seeking to secure a top level apprenticeship is to make your CV into something special.  We here at offer CV services tailor made to match the positions you’re planning on applying for, and can supply the latest information on new IT apprenticeship vacancies as they come to market across the UK via our e-mail bulletin.

It would be great to land one of those advanced IT apprenticeships that the big players offer, an apprenticeship that can lead to NVQ qualifications, a free college or university education, and a world of opportunity within an industry that you are genuinely interested in.

So you have to ask yourself… what’s stopping you?  Explore our website for all the essential information you’ll want and need to make the grade and take your ambitions to another level.