Find apprenticeships in your area

Find apprenticeships in your area

Find apprenticeships in UK

Knowing where to start when seeking out an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom can be confusing.  So, to take the stress away from you, we’ve carried out some extensive research on the matter.  There are employers out there that are desperate to find talented people to commence apprenticeships with them, young and old, and that next person could very well be you if you take heed of our deep knowledge and experience.

Firstly, it has to be understood that there are some different places to go to depending upon which part of the United Kingdom you live in and what type of apprenticeships you’re searching for.  Here are the main ones for each region:

Apprenticeships in England and Wales

Apprenticeships in Scotland

Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland

Those websites will provide links to all the apprenticeships schemes across the four countries of the UK that are registered with the government, but there’s more out there than what is on the government website lists… much more.

Unlisted apprenticeships in the UK

You see, there are a number of private organisations that make so much money that they don’t seek government help to pay for the wages, so therefore they won’t be registered on the government databases.

So, to get round this, having a good detailed knowledge of your local companies will not only make sure you find an apprenticeship that will set you on a career path, but it may actually land you a highly sought after 4 year apprenticeship or advanced apprenticeship.

Again, because we’re so keen to see all the apprenticeship vacancies filled by people like you, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best websites and directories for finding out exactly where you should go:

Starting off your search

So you want that fantastic 4 year engineering apprenticeship, or perhaps even that well paid quantity surveying apprenticeship, but don’t know where to start.  Well, to figure out what are the best apprenticeships in the United Kingdom, you first have to know what the best companies are!  The list of the most profitable companies in the UK can be found here, alongside links to their career sites:

All of the FTSE100 career sites

It’s a website that won’t spring up at you when you search the internet for apprenticeship vacancies, but it’s comprehensive and full of exactly what you are looking for… links to every top company career site!

Finding those top 100 companies in your area

It might surprise you how many of those companies operate all across the UK, and it could be comfortably said that each and every one of them have available apprenticeships that may not be listed on those great government websites we linked to at the beginning.  So how do you find out if they operate in your area?  It’s as easy as typing the name of the company into your Thomson Local or directory and finding out.

What to do first

Don’t rush in is always our advice.  It’s too tempting to throw together an unprofessional looking CV and cover letter that will only diminish your chances of landing that dream apprenticeship.  What would put you in a much better place would be to take the time to browse through all the advice and knowledge we’ve gathered for you on this site.

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