Essentials of an apprenticeship website

Essentials of an apprenticeship website

apprenticeship website

There’s one simple thing that makes a leading apprenticeship website stand out from the rest of its cousins across the internet, and that simple thing is that the content available to the apprentices of tomorrow is presented by a website that knows and understands what being an apprentice is all about.

Many of the team have been through official government sponsored apprenticeships provided by the biggest players in industry and commerce, and some have even commenced and completed a secondary adult apprenticeship that saw them improve upon their core trades by becoming multi-skilled technicians and engineers.

It’s that experience, a deep and full understanding of the processes involved in becoming an apprentice, which makes us stand ahead of the rest of the platform on the matter.

Many apprenticeship websites – websites in general, actually – are written by faceless ghost writers with little or no knowledge of what it’s like to turn up on day one of an exciting new career as an IT apprentice, an engineering apprentice, or even an offshore apprentice working on an oil rig in the North Sea.  But here at, we absolutely do know all these things, because we’ve done it.

And we want to tell you all about it.

From working through and completing NVQ levels 2 and 3 to achieve the government recognised qualifications that all the big employers are seeking out, through to securing employer sponsored degrees at the biggest universities across the country, our team has in-depth and proven experience of participating in and completing apprenticeships across a range of industries far and wide.

There’s a world of opportunity out there for people young and old – from the Shetland Islands to Land’s End – and we want to be the website that tells you all about it, encourages you to realise your dreams, and helps you through the technicalities of where to start your journey into a bright and promising future.

As your ambitions to become an apprentice grow and you begin to make up your mind about which industry you see yourself realising your career dreams in, we can guide you through the process of making the right choices, of understanding what qualifications you can gain through becoming an apprentice in different industries, and we can deliver all that in full honesty by passing on our experiences of how our own dreams and ambitions played out as we grew and learned in our new positions.

We have knowledge of what you can earn as an apprentice in the United Kingdom, we have information on the best apprenticeships available in the UK right now, and we can offer advice on how to prepare your CV prior to applying so that you give yourself the best chance of securing a prestigious apprenticeship that you will be proud of.

I’d fully encourage you to browse through our entire website which is filled with the knowledge and experiences of the last generation of British apprentices.  I’d also encourage you to sign up to our regular bulletin to keep current on new and exciting apprenticeships as they come to the jobs market.

You could literally be one click from a life changing opportunity!