Best apprenticeship schemes – Thinking of Applying?

Best apprenticeship schemes – Thinking of Applying?

Best apprenticeship schemes

All apprenticeships are good.  Let’s make that absolutely clear from the beginning.  No matter what apprenticeship you eventually land, they’re all good and they’ll all give you recognised qualifications and genuine workplace experience.  And more often than not, there’ll be a full-time and permanent position for you upon completion.

However, there are some incredibly desirable apprenticeships out there that can lead to permanent positions with the elite companies in the United Kingdom.  I’m talking about jobs with IBM, British Petroleum, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, HSBC, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, and many other industry players that appear in the FTSE top one hundred UK companies.

Each and every one of those massive companies is competing for the very best talent to fill their apprenticeship positions, and that means they’re looking for people like you.

While most apprenticeships offered entirely through government sponsored schemes for 14 to 19 year olds will pay a good minimum weekly wage of £3.30 per hour or £125 per week, the best apprenticeship schemes in the United Kingdom tend to pay more.

Much, much more.

It would not be unusual for large offshore engineering companies such as British Petroleum or Royal Dutch Shell to offer a four year offshore OPITO apprenticeship where you will be stationed at a college for two years with all your living and working expenses paid for, and to be on a graded percentage of an offshore technician’s salary.  Those percentages typically go along the lines of:

Year 1 – 25% of Technician’s salary

Year 2 – 40% of Technician’s salary

Year 3 – 70% of Technician’s salary

Year 4 – 90% of Technician’s salary

The thing you have to bear in mind is that a typical offshore technician’s annual salary will range from £55,000 all the way up to £75,000 depending upon which employer they work for!

All the big companies tend to follow this pattern of stepped increases in wages, finishing with 100% of the salary for that job purely to entice the very best and brightest talent – like you – to apply for their apprenticeship vacancies and to hopefully make you stay with them once you have completed your apprenticeship.

By choosing one of the top companies in the UK to commence your apprenticeship with, you’re more likely to be earning higher wages much quicker. Further to that, there are even more perks to commencing your apprenticeship with one of the big players including potentially free higher education up to university level, pension schemes, share saving schemes, and the opportunity to put a FTSE 100 company on your CV.

Our advice to you is to scour through those top 100 companies and become familiar with them, using our ‘Find Apprenticeships’ section to sort through the availability of those highly desirable jobs.

Your next move could be to join the next generation of engineers, teachers, aircraft technicians, or lawyers, and our aim is to make that happen for you.

We encourage you to closely follow our blog to keep up to date with breaking news about the best apprenticeships as they become available.