Apprenticeship jobs in the United Kingdom

Apprenticeship jobs in the United Kingdom

Apprenticeship jobs

Deciding where to start when looking for apprenticeship vacancies can be a minefield, but here at we’re trying to simplify everything for you to make life that little bit easier.

First and foremost, it would be a good idea to make a decision on what particular industry sector would offer the most attractive opportunities to grow the skills and abilities you already have.  The list and types of apprentice jobs in the United Kingdom is pretty vast though, so to clarify where you may want to target, here is a breakdown of a tiny portion of the positions that may pique your interest:

  • Apprentice Administrator
  • Apprentice Secretary
  • Apprentice Accountant
  • Apprentice IT consultant
  • Apprentice Mechanical Engineer
  • Apprentice Electrical Engineer
  • Apprentice Plumber
  • Apprentice Joiner
  • Apprentice Painter

Genuinely, that list is not exhaustive.  To go on and write an entire overview of available apprenticeship opportunities would leave my fingers aching and my eyes square.

On a serious note though, deciding upon what type of apprenticeship to seek out can be fraught with difficulty, and the decision is as important as it is lasting.  So the best place to start is with you…

Take the time to review your current qualifications, accounting for any work experience you may have gained whilst studying at school or after leaving school, and try to fit those skills into one of the many thousands of apprenticeship positions available in the UK at any given time.

Having decided whether to seek a position as an Apprentice Hairdresser or an Apprentice Engineer, the next step is to prepare a CV that will target the core skills that the employer is looking to take on and grow over the course of your training.  More information about apprenticeship vacancies and the educational requirements for them can be found on our ‘Find Apprenticeships’ page, which links directly to available positions in your area.

Apprenticeship jobs in the United KingdomBut first, seeing as you may still be undecided upon the best suit for your skills, perhaps now is the time to explore this site in a little more detail.  Information on the highly desirable best apprenticeship schemes in the UK is also available here at, as is in-depth knowledge of how to apply for apprenticeships in the UK.  Sparing a minute to surf through the top-level OPITO Offshore Apprenticeships and Nuclear Power Station Apprenticeships could be a life-changing moment that not only provides a career, but also an opportunity for adventure.

Time well spent understanding the requirements of a potential employer may set you on a course that can lead to you becoming one of the next generation of engineers, technicians, trade persons, office staff, or even managers.  Similarly, time well spent on understanding your match to starkly differing positions is crucial when entering into an industry with a view to bringing enjoyment and fulfilment to your work arena.

From there, passing out fully qualified in your chosen profession is a feeling that is difficult to equal, and is a doorway to further opportunities that are then yours to decide.

After securing an apprenticeship, the sky is indeed the limit.