Adult apprenticeships in the UK

Adult apprenticeships in the UK

Adult apprenticeships

One of the biggest mistakes made by people looking to secure an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom is that they assume if they haven’t managed to land one by the age of 20 then their window of opportunity is closed.

That assumption is 100% incorrect, and here at we can guide you through the process of securing an adult apprenticeship that’ll give you the chance to make a career change, to grow your knowledge of an industry that you’d love to become involved in, and to gain the valuable qualifications and recognition that being an apprentice can give.

The fact is that you’re never too old to commence an apprenticeship, and many employers will actively seek out potential candidates with some work and life experience.  Reasons for that are wide and varied, but it may simply come down to the industry that they are involved in and the age restrictions that apply to that industry, such as the alcohol industry.  Or perhaps it may be that the workload will require an apprentice to be involved in personal matters with clients, such as health care and medicine, which demand a mature mind and a personal approach that comes with life experience.

It may even be that the qualifications you already have are just too good for a company to pass up, regardless of whether you’re 17 years old or approaching your forties!

Either way, the good folks here at have sifted through the subject matter so that you can attain a full understanding of what it takes to become an adult apprentice in the United Kingdom.


While most of the major companies seeking enthusiastic adult apprentices will pay for every part of your training and education, which may include full funding for college and university courses, some smaller companies will seek the help of the government to part fund your education while you learn your new skills.

Details of how you can secure additional funding whilst transferring your current knowledge and abilities to your new position as an adult apprentice can be found here.

What an adult apprenticeship will give you

adult apprenticeshipFirst and foremost, an apprenticeship will give you a life-long skill or trade that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.  It’ll also give you the opportunity to improve upon your education and to become certified as fully competent in a profession that employers throughout the country need and want.

There are multiple levels of apprenticeship too, with the qualifications gained during your 1 -4 year apprenticeship ranging from the equivalent of intermediate high school qualifications all the way through to Bachelor’s Degree qualifications.

So what are you waiting for?  As an adult who probably believed they missed the boat on securing an apprenticeship, the only thing now holding you back from an exciting new career in your industry of choice is you.

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