Access to Young apprentice schemes

Access to Young apprentice schemes

Young apprentice schemes

While apprentice schemes in the United Kingdom are not exclusively for young people, a very high percentage of people embarking upon a new and exciting apprenticeship will be under the age of 21, and there’s a reason for that.

By the time you reach your early twenties, it’s very likely that you have either already managed to secure an apprenticeship, or you’ll be in another career path that’s taking you along a different route.  If you’re over 21, never fret, because we have a section on adult apprenticeships in the United Kingdom, and we fully encourage you to visit that page to learn more about those adult apprenticeship opportunities.

Young apprentice schemes

So you’ve just left school or college and you’re trying to figure out what comes next.  It’s a tough thing to decide where to go and what to do sometimes.  It can be too easy to lapse into a job that isn’t going to offer you the potentially high wages that some apprenticeship schemes can offer, so our advice to you is to fully consider becoming an apprentice, especially if you have no immediate ambition to go to College or University.

The reason we say ‘immediate’ is that many people in their late teens, including some of our team here at, had no ambitions to do any more studying after leaving school.  People change though, as they grow and age, and when somebody gives you that massive confidence boost when they offer you an exciting new apprenticeship it can completely alter your perspective on life.

Young apprentice scheme inside information

With many of our team having successfully passed through 4 year apprenticeship schemes in the United Kingdom, we are better placed to tell you exactly what it is like than any other.  Here are some examples of the opinions that matter:

“I was pretty good at school, but I kind of went off the rails for a while and didn’t quite get the qualifications to go to university, like some folk do at some point in their lives.  I eventually got offered an engineering apprenticeship with a very big local company, completed it in 4 years, got sent to college and university for free, and now I’m earning great wages with them.  It totally changed my life!” – Graham, Glasgow.

And another:

“I never really knew what I wanted to do when I left school, so I began looking for career advice on the internet and eventually found this website.  Until then, I had no real idea that there were so many types of apprenticeships and so much opportunity across all the types of industries.  Thanks for that.” – Demo, London

There’s no limit to what an apprenticeship in any part of the United Kingdom can do for you.  It can change your life completely and give it a new and prosperous direction that you didn’t even see coming.

To fully take advantage of those opportunities, take your time to browse all the way through our comprehensive sections to discover the best career path for you, and how to achieve it.  We also encourage you to sign up to our regular e-mail bulletins and to follow our blogs to keep current on the latest breaking news on apprenticeship opportunities in the United Kingdom.