About Us

About Us

About Apprentice.tv, your one-stop location for apprenticeships

This website was created to fill a gap in the internet that needed filled.  Too often, we found people young and old alike asking questions about apprenticeships that they could never get answered.  What we have created is a website full of answers.

With some of our team having been through different types of apprenticeships both as youths and as adults, we felt that there was a story to be told and a reason to tell it.  With many years of experience between us in the field of apprenticeships, we are offering you the opportunity to quickly learn what took us years to find out, skipping out the lengthy processes involved with scouring the internet for valuable information.

We regularly update our website to reflect new opportunities and new information with regards to available apprenticeships, apprenticeship vacancies, young apprenticeship schemes, adult apprenticeships in the United Kingdom, apprenticeship wages, and much more besides.

We offer detailed knowledge of how to find an apprenticeship, how to identify the best apprenticeship schemes in the United Kingdom, how to prepare your CV and cover letter prior to applying for an apprenticeship, what to expect and how to prepare for interviews, and even what it is like to firstly become an apprentice and then the feeling that completing an apprenticeship can give you.

Newsletters and blog

As part of our service to you, we’d like to keep you fully informed and updated with everything to do with apprenticeships as it happens.  When a new employer opens up for business in your region, expect apprentice.tv to let you know.  When new government funding becomes available to employers to take on hundreds more apprentices, we’ll be the first to tell you.  And when one of our highly experienced and professional team members is writing or blogging about his or her experiences as an apprentice – highly sought after information that could make a difference to your chances of securing the best apprenticeships in the United Kingdom – it’ll be delivered right to your inbox.

Apprenticeship vacancies

Most other websites will only tell you about occasional apprenticeship vacancies that become available.  Here, that’s not our aim.  Our aim is to deliver the very best service to you through a combination of deep knowledge of many type of industries, actual experience of going through the process of becoming an apprentice, and the hidden locations spread across the internet and the media that can aid you in securing the type of job and career that will change your life.

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And finally… remember to take your time to read right through this website.  If you do, and you certainly should, your chance of securing one of the best apprenticeships in the United Kingdom will increase massively.